Private Placements Programs

World over there is a paradigm shift in raising money using stock and commodity trading. We are all familiar with NSE/BSE/MCX/NCDX trading in India which is normally done using a Demat and Trading account. There have proved extremely successful for Indian investors giving yield of 60% to 100% p.a.

Since there is a restriction from RBI to trade in INR above 2 lakhs/day in International market we help Indian investors to trade BG, F.D, SBLC and corporate cash deposits.

What we do is convert these instruments into MTN's (Monitored Trade Notes) which are neutral instruments and can be traded over 25-30 stock exchanges starting from NIKKEI to NASDAQ in 24x6 trading operations globally in commodities, Forex currency, private placements, IPO's, Crude, Pharma and other essential items.

Even if we take 1% yield/day per stock exchange the returns are approximately 30% per day minimum which mean 750% min/month.

The yield offered by us for various instruments as we are direct mandates forZurich/HK/Singapore trading platform in India.

We have following interesting HIGH YIELD Programs for HNI.

For CD's / FDs:

HSBC clients can be offered 150% to 200% bullet payment for 45 days

For other banks we can offer 150% to 160% bullet payment for 45 days

If client is interested in 40 week program we can offer between 15% to 20% weekly for 40 weeks. We also do outright purchase of FD's which are min 1 year old.

For SKR's

Only 40 week program is available currently which will yield between 50% to 55% per week for 40 weeks this will be split on a 50-50% basis between trader and investor.

All payments will be by either wire transfer or MT103. (MT799 and MT760 is must)

For SBLC's and BG's

Similar to SKR, 40 weeks program which will yield 50 to 55% per week for 40 week split on a 50-50% basis between trader and investor.

All instruments need to be confirmed via swift MT799 and MT760 whichever is applicable. in case client is facing difficulty from the banker they should inform us in advance as our trader and platform representatives will support us on those issues and work out a solution with the respective bankers. All commissions need to be paid to the facilitators / media by the investor itself and the earnings will be transparent. Ideally between 10% to 20% will be the facilitator's fees which is dependent on case to case. This is protected by fee protection agreement and registered with ICC.

We will require the respective compliance package along with the instrument copy and the letters and communications from the banker for confirming the Instrument.

All programs and offers are subject to change. The above information is the general returns that a client can expect.


This is highly confidential and monitored trade done by only international recognized trading platforms directly under preview if ICC (International Chamber of Commerce), Government Consulters and Interpol. The investor is very safe in this trade as he is not physically parting with any funds and also trade is done with MT 799 and MT 760 only. The minimum investments is 2 million $ is 10 crores in this trade.

The compliance documents required are very comprehensive and the detailed check list is enclosed for free download.

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